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54-1603.  Board of examiners of nursing home administrators. (1) There is hereby created in the division of occupational and professional licenses a board of examiners of nursing home administrators, which board shall consist of five (5) members and be composed of two (2) public or private nursing home administrators, duly licensed and registered under this act, and three (3) other members as hereinafter described, except that such members of the initial board shall be required only to possess the qualifications and be eligible for licensure as required under this act, one (1) member shall be selected from any other profession, agency, or institution concerned with the care of chronically ill and infirm patients; one (1) licensed nurse from the nursing profession; and one (1) member representative of the public at large; but no more than two (2) of the members of the board shall be officials or full-time employees of state or local governments, except that they may be administrators of publicly owned nursing homes. All members of the board shall be citizens of the United States or shall have declared their intent to become citizens of the United States and shall be residents of this state.
(2)  The term of office for each member of the board shall be three (3) years.
(3) (a)  Appointments to the board shall be made by the governor, who may consider recommendations for appointment to the board from any organized and generally recognized group concerned with nursing home administration and from any individual residing in this state. Each member of the board shall hold office until his successor is duly appointed and qualified. Board members shall serve at the pleasure of the governor.
(b)  Members of the board shall be compensated as provided by section 59-509(l), Idaho Code.
(4)  The board shall elect annually from its membership a chairman and vice chairman. The board shall hold two (2) or more meetings each year. A majority of the board membership shall constitute a quorum.
(5)  The board shall exercise its powers and perform its duties and functions specified by this act.
(6)  The board may appoint an executive secretary. He shall be the executive officer to the board but shall not be a member of the board. He shall have such powers and shall perform such duties as are prescribed by law and the rules of the board. A clerk and sufficient deputy clerks to adequately assist the board and the executive secretary in the keeping of the records and in the performance of their duties may be appointed by the board. All employees of the board shall be appointed, and serve in accordance with the provisions of law.
(7)  The board may, by written agreement, authorize the division of occupational and professional licenses as agent to act in its interest.

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