Idaho Statutes

54-1607.  Issuance of license — Exemption — Educational programs — Administration of federal funds by board. (1) An applicant for a license as a nursing home administrator who has successfully complied with the requirements of section 54-1605, Idaho Code, and the standards provided for therein, has passed the examination provided for in section 54-1606, Idaho Code, and, where applicable, has complied with the requirements of section 54-1610, Idaho Code, shall be issued a license, on a form provided for that purpose by the board, certifying that such applicant has met the requirements of the laws and rules entitling him to serve, act, practice, and otherwise hold himself out as a duly licensed nursing home administrator; provided, however, nothing in this act or the rules thereunder shall be construed to require an applicant for a license as a nursing home administrator, who is certified by a recognized church or religious denomination which teaches reliance on spiritual means alone for healing as having been approved to administer institutions certified by such church or denomination for the care and treatment of the sick in accordance with its teachings, to demonstrate proficiency in any medical techniques or to meet any medical educational qualifications or medical standards not in accord with the remedial care and treatment provided in such institutions.
(2)  Any license issued by the board under or pursuant to the provisions of this section shall be under the hand and seal of the chairman and executive secretary of the board.
(3)  If the board finds that programs of training and instruction conducted within the state are not sufficient in number or content to enable applicants for nursing home administrators’ licenses and nursing home administrators to meet requirements established pursuant to this act, it shall institute and conduct or arrange with others to conduct one (1) or more such programs, and shall make provision for their accessibility to appropriate residents of this state. The board may approve programs conducted within and without this state as sufficient to meet education and training requirements established pursuant to this act. For purposes of this subsection, the board shall have the authority to receive and disburse federal funds received pursuant to requirements of the "social security act."

[54-1607, added 1970, ch. 177, sec. 7, p. 512; am. 1999, ch. 161, sec. 5, p. 444; am. 2001, ch. 77, sec. 4, p. 196.]

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