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54-1608.  Attendance at continuing education program — Revocation or suspension — Renewal and reinstatement. (1) Every individual who holds a valid license as a nursing home administrator issued by the board shall annually be required to apply to the board for a renewal of license and report any facts requested by the board on forms provided for such purpose. All licenses issued under the provisions of this chapter shall be subject to annual renewal and shall expire unless renewed in the manner prescribed by the board regarding applications for renewal, continuing education, and fees. License renewal and reinstatement shall be in accordance with section 67-2614, Idaho Code.
(2)  Upon making an application for a renewal of license, each individual shall pay an annual renewal fee and submit evidence satisfactory to the board documenting the attendance and completion of a continuing education program or course of study as may be provided in the rules of the board.
(3)  Upon receipt of such application for renewal of license, the license fee, and the evidence required with respect to continuing education, the board shall issue a renewal of license to such nursing home administrator.
(4)  The licensed nursing home administrator who fails to comply with the provisions of this section, and who continues to act as a nursing home administrator, shall be subject to discipline by the board, in accordance with the provisions of this act.

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