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54-1610.  Administrators-in-training — Examination after one thousand hours — reports — Exceptions. (1) Every applicant for a nursing home administrator license who shall have otherwise qualified under the provisions of section 54-1605, Idaho Code, except as provided for in this section, shall serve for one thousand (1,000) hours under the direct supervision of a duly licensed nursing home administrator in accordance with the rules of the board. At the expiration of the one thousand (1,000) hour training period, the applicant shall be eligible to take the examination. An administrator-in-training program shall not exceed a period of two (2) years, except as approved by the board for good cause.
(2)  The nursing home administrator-in-training shall submit reports on forms provided therefor by the board.
(3)  This section shall not apply to any individual who has:
(a)  A master’s degree from an accredited institution in health administration related to long-term care; or
(b)  A master’s degree from an accredited institution that includes an emphasis on health care and has one (1) year of management experience in a health care facility that provides inpatient care.
(4)  Every nursing home administrator-in-training shall register the fact of such training with the board in accordance with the rules and on forms provided by the board.
(5)  An applicant may begin the one thousand (1,000) hour training period as a nursing home administrator-in-training prior to completion of a baccalaureate degree.

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