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54-1612.  Revocation or suspension of license, reprimand, censure, or other discipline. (1) The license of any person practicing or offering to practice nursing home administration may be revoked or suspended, or such licensee may be reprimanded, censured, or otherwise disciplined in accordance with the provisions of this section upon decision and after due hearing in any of the following cases:
(a)  Upon proof that such licensee is reasonably unfit to operate a nursing home.
(b)  Upon proof that such licensee has willfully or repeatedly violated any of the provisions of this act or the rules enacted in accordance with, or willfully or repeatedly acted in a manner inconsistent with the health and safety of the patients of the home in which he is the administrator.
(c)  Upon proof that such licensee is guilty of fraud or deceit in the practice of nursing home administration or related activities, or in his or her admission to such practice.
(2)  The board, or a hearing officer designated by it shall have jurisdiction to hear all charges brought under the provisions of this section against persons licensed as nursing home administrators, and upon such hearings shall determine such charges upon their merits. If the board determines that such person is guilty of the charges, the board may revoke his or her license, suspend him or her from practice, or reprimand, censure, or otherwise discipline such licensee.
(3)  Proceedings under this section shall be initiated by filing with the board, charges in writing and under oath. The board on its own motion may conduct an investigation and initiate charges. The procedures for notification and the hearing on such charges, unless dismissed by the board as unfounded or trivial, shall be conducted pursuant to the provisions of chapter 52, title 67, Idaho Code.

[54-1612, added 1970, ch. 177, sec. 12, p. 512; am. 1993, ch. 216, sec. 68, p. 650; am. 1999, ch. 161, sec. 9, p. 447.]

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