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54-1710.  Terms of office. (1) Except as provided in subsection (2) of this section, members of the board of pharmacy shall be appointed for a term of five (5) years, except that members of the board who are appointed to fill vacancies that occur prior to the expiration of a former member’s full term shall serve the unexpired portion of such term.
(2)  The terms of the members of the board shall be staggered, so that the term of no more than one (1) member shall expire in any year.
(3)  No member of the board shall serve more than two (2) consecutive full terms. The completion of the unexpired portion of a full term shall not constitute a full term for purposes of this section.
(4)  An appointee to a full term on the board shall be appointed by the governor as provided in section 54-1709, Idaho Code, and be effective on July 1 of the year of appointment. Appointees to unexpired portions of full terms shall become members of the board upon appointment.

[54-1710, added 1979, ch. 131, sec. 3, p. 409.; am. 2016, ch. 71, sec. 1, p. 248; am. 2021, ch. 54, sec. 4, p. 164.]

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