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54-2312.  Qualifications for license — Endorsement. The board may recommend the granting of a license to any person who is licensed or certified by a regulatory board of psychologists in the United States or Canada where such certification or licensure was based on a doctoral degree and who:
(1)  Submits a complete application, including the application fee and a license fee not to exceed three hundred dollars ($300) as established by board rule;
(2)  Has not been convicted, found guilty, or received a withheld judgment or suspended sentence in this state or in any other state of a crime deemed relevant in accordance with section 67-9411(1), Idaho Code;
(3)  Has not had a certification or license revoked, suspended or otherwise sanctioned; and
(4)  Has certified under oath that they have reviewed and will abide by the laws and rules governing the practice of psychology in Idaho and the code of ethics of the American psychological association and either:
(a)  Holds a current certificate of professional qualification in psychology or holds a certificate of professional standing issued by a national credentialing entity approved by the board by rule; or
(b)  Meets the requirements of section 54-2307(2), Idaho Code, and board rules relating to endorsement and educational and credentialing requirements for licensure.

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