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54-2812.  Qualifications for registration. (1) No applicant shall be registered having habits of character that would justify revocation or suspension of registration, as provided in section 54-2819, Idaho Code. The following shall be considered as minimum evidence that the applicant is qualified for registration as a professional geologist:
(a)  Completion of thirty (30) semester units in courses in geological science leading to a degree in the geological sciences of which at least twenty-four (24) units are in third or fourth year, and/or graduate courses, successfully pass examinations approved by the board; and have at least seven (7) years of professional geological work which shall include either a minimum of three (3) years of professional geological work under the supervision of a registered geologist; or, wherein the applicant has been under the direct supervision of an individual acceptable to the board, or, wherein the applicant has demonstrated five (5) years of progressive experience in responsible charge of geological work that is acceptable to the board.
(b)  Each year of undergraduate study in the geological sciences shall count as one-half (1/2) year of training up to a maximum of two (2) years, and each year of graduate study or research counts as a year of training.
(c)  Teaching in the geological sciences at college level shall be credited year for year toward meeting the requirement in this category, provided that the total annual teaching experience includes six (6) semester units of third or fourth year or graduate courses.
(d)  Credit for undergraduate study, graduate study, and teaching, individually, or in any combination thereof, shall in no case exceed a total of four (4) years towards meeting the requirement for at least seven (7) years of professional geological work pursuant to this section.
(e)  The ability of the applicant shall have been demonstrated by having performed the work in a responsible position, as the term "responsible position" is defined in rules adopted by the board. The adequacy of the required supervision and experience shall be determined in accordance with standards set forth in the rules adopted by the board.
(f)  Three (3) references from geologists in responsible positions must be filed with the application for registration.
(2)  A person holding a certificate of registration to engage in the practice of geology, issued to him by a proper authority of a state, territory, or possession of the United States, the District of Columbia, or of any foreign country, who, in the opinion of the board, meets the requirements of this chapter, based on verified evidence may, upon application, be registered without further examination.
An applicant otherwise qualified as prescribed in this chapter need not be actively engaged in the practice of geology to be eligible for registration.

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