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54-2815.  Certificate of registration — Certificate fee — Signing of work — Seal — Invalid affixations unlawful. The board shall issue a certificate of registration upon payment of a certificate fee as set by the board, to any applicant who, in the opinion of the board, has satisfactorily met the requirements of this chapter. Certificates of registration shall show the full name of the registrant, shall give a serial number, and shall be signed by the chairman of the board.
The issuance of a certificate of registration by the board shall be prima facie evidence that the person named thereon is entitled to all the rights and privileges of a registered professional geologist, while the certificate remains current and in good standing.
All drawings, specifications, reports, or other geologic papers or documents involving geologic work as defined in section 54-2802, Idaho Code, which shall have been prepared or approved by a registered geologist or prepared by a subordinate employee under the direction of a registered geologist, for the use of or for delivery to any person or for public record within this state shall be signed by the geologist or be impressed with an authorized seal or the seal of a nonresident practicing under the provisions of section 54-2822, Idaho Code, either of which shall indicate responsibility for the papers or documents.
Each registrant hereunder may, upon registration, obtain a seal of the design authorized by the board, bearing the registrant’s name and the legend "registered professional geologist."
It shall be unlawful for any person to affix a signature, stamp or seal to any document, after the certificate of the registrant named thereon has expired or been suspended or revoked, unless said certificate shall have been renewed, reinstated, or reissued.

[54-2815, added 1971, ch. 137, sec. 15, p. 576; am. 2002, ch. 266, sec. 13, p. 794; am. 2008, ch. 249, sec. 8, p. 734.]

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