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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


54-306.  exemptions. Nothing contained in this chapter shall be held or construed to have any application to, or to prevent or affect, the following:
(1)  The practice of engineering or any other profession or trade for which a license is required under any law of this state, or the practice of consultants, officers and employees of the United States while engaged solely in the practice of architecture for said government.
(2)  Draftsmen, students, clerks of work, project representatives and others working under the supervision of those lawfully practicing as architects under the provisions of this chapter from acting under the instruction, control or supervision of their supervisors, or to prevent the employment of clerks of work or inspectors of buildings paid by the owners from acting, if under the control or direction of a licensed architect who has prepared the drawings and specifications for the building.
(3)  The rendering of any architectural service required in the erection, enlargement, alteration or repair of any building, where the building is to be or is used as a single or multiple family residence not exceeding three (3) units or three (3) stories in height; or as a farm building; or for the purpose of outbuildings or auxiliary buildings in connection with the residential or farm premises.
(4)  The rendering of any architectural service required in the erection, enlargement, alteration or repair of any building that does not involve the public health or safety.
(5)  The preparation of shop drawings by persons other than architects for use in connection with the execution of their work; or the preparation of drawings of fixtures or other appliances or equipment, or for any work necessary to provide for their installation.
(6)  Expert consultation rendered to an architect by a consultant, whether licensed or not, employed by the architect to consult, advise and assist as long as the architect approves, adopts and is responsible for the results of the consultation, advice and assistance.
(7)  An intern working under the supervision of a licensed architect, including the use of the title "architectural intern," as may be established and limited by board rule.

[54-306, added 2018, ch. 129, sec. 2, p. 272.]

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