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54-3713.  Suspension and revocation of license — Refusal to renew. (1) Subject to the provisions of chapter 52, title 67, Idaho Code, the board may deny a license or refuse to renew a license, or may suspend or revoke a license or may impose probationary conditions or disciplinary actions set out in section 54-3720, Idaho Code, if the licensee or applicant for license has been found guilty of unprofessional conduct as set forth in section 54-3718, Idaho Code, which has endangered or is likely to endanger the health, welfare, or safety of the public.
(2)  A denial, refusal to renew, suspension, revocation, or imposition of probationary conditions upon a license may be ordered by the board after a hearing in the manner provided by chapter 52, title 67, Idaho Code. An application for reinstatement may be made to the board one (1) year from the date of the revocation of a license. The board shall (a)  accept or reject an application for reinstatement; and (b)  hold a hearing to consider such reinstatement.
(3)  A suspended license is subject to expiration and may be renewed as provided in this chapter, but such renewal shall not entitle the licensee, while the license remains suspended and until it is reinstated, to engage in the licensed activity, or in any other conduct or activity in violation of the order of judgment by which the license was suspended.
(4)  A license revoked on disciplinary grounds is subject to expiration as provided in this chapter, but it may not be renewed. The licensee, as a condition of reinstatement, shall meet license requirements for new licensees and shall pay a reinstatement fee set by the board.

[(54-3713) 54-3712, added 1987, ch. 69, sec. 1, p. 127; am. and redesig. 2009, ch. 222, sec. 13, p. 697.]

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