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54-3902.  Definitions. As used in this chapter:
(1)  "Athlete" means a person who participates in exercises, sports, or games requiring physical strength, agility, flexibility, range of motion, speed or stamina and which exercises, sports or games are of the type generally conducted in association with an educational institution or professional, amateur or recreational sports club or organization.
(2)  "Athletic injury" means a physical injury, harm, hurt or common condition (such as heat disorders), incurred by an athlete, preventing or limiting participation in athletic activity, sports or recreation, which athletic trainers are educated to evaluate and treat or refer to the directing physician.
(3)  "Athletic trainer" means a person who has met the qualifications for licensure as set forth in this chapter, is licensed under this chapter, and carries out the practice of athletic training under the direction of a designated Idaho licensed physician, registered with the board or a designated Idaho licensed chiropractic physician.
(4)  "Athletic training" means the application by a licensed athletic trainer of principles and methods of:
(a)  Prevention of athletic injuries;
(b)  Recognition, evaluation and assessment of athletic injuries and conditions;
(c)  Immediate care of athletic injuries including common emergency medical situations;
(d)  Rehabilitation and reconditioning of athletic injuries;
(e)  Athletic training services administration and organization; and
(f)  Education of athletes.
(5)  "Board" means the Idaho state board of medicine.
(6)  "Board of athletic trainers" means the Idaho board of athletic trainers established in this chapter.
(7)  "Directing physician" means a designated person duly licensed to practice medicine in Idaho, registered with the board or a designated Idaho licensed chiropractic physician, who is responsible for the athletic training services provided by the athletic trainer and oversees the practice of athletic training of the athletic trainer, as established by board rule. This chapter does not authorize the practice of medicine or any of its branches by a person not so licensed by the board.
(a)  This direction will be provided by verbal order when the directing physician is present and by written order or by athletic training service plans or protocols, as established by board rule, when the directing physician is not present.
(b)  Upon referral from a physician licensed in another state and in good standing, the practice of athletic training or physical rehabilitation and/or reconditioning shall be carried out under the written orders of the referring physician and in collaboration with the directing physician.

[54-3902, added 1989, ch. 179, sec. 1, p. 442; am. 2003, ch. 261, sec. 1, p. 686.]

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