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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


54-3903.  Scope of practice. The scope of practice of athletic trainers under the direction of the designated Idaho licensed physician, registered with the board, or a designated Idaho licensed chiropractic physician, includes:
(1)  Prevention of athletic injuries by designing and implementing physical conditioning programs, performing preparticipation screenings, fitting protective equipment, designing and constructing protective products and continuously monitoring changes in the environment.
(2)  Recognition and evaluation of athletic injuries by obtaining a history of the injury, individual inspection of the injured body part and associated structures and palpatation of bony landmarks and soft tissue structures. Immediate care of athletic injuries may require initiation of cardiopulmonary resuscitation, administration of basic or advanced first aid, removal of athletic equipment, immobilization and transportation of the injured athlete. Concurrent with athletic training service plans or protocols, the athletic trainer will determine if the athlete may return to participation or, if the injury requires further definitive care, the athletic trainer will refer the injured athlete to the appropriate directing physician.
(3)  Rehabilitation and reconditioning of athletic injuries by administering therapeutic exercise and physical modalities including cryotherapy, thermotherapy, and intermittent compression or mechanical devices as directed by established, written athletic training service plans or protocols or upon the order of the directing physician.
(4)  Athletic training services administration includes implementing athletic training service plans or protocols, writing organizational policies and procedures, complying with governmental and institutional standards and maintaining records to document services rendered.
(5)  Education of athletes to facilitate physical conditioning and reconditioning by designing and implementing appropriate programs to minimize the risk of injury.
(6)  The scope of practice excludes any independent practice of athletic training by an athletic trainer. An athlete with an athletic injury not incurred in association with an educational institution, professional, amateur or recreational sports club or organization shall be referred by a directing physician, but only after such directing physician has first evaluated the athlete and referred such athlete to the athletic trainer.

[54-3903, added 2003, ch. 261, sec. 2, p. 688.]

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