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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


54-3905.  Exceptions to licensure requirement. (1) Nothing in this chapter shall be construed as preventing or restricting the practice, services or activities or requiring licensure pursuant to this chapter of:
(a)  Any person licensed in this state by any other law, from engaging in the profession or occupation for which such person is licensed or registered or otherwise regulated;
(b)  Any person employed as an athletic trainer by the government of the United States or any agency thereof, if such person provides athletic trainer services solely under the direction or control of the government agency by which such person is employed;
(c)  Any person pursuing a supervised course of study leading to a degree, licensure or registration as athletic trainer in an accredited or approved educational program, if the person is designated by a title which clearly indicates a student or trainee status;
(d)  Any person fulfilling supervised fieldwork experience requirements as prescribed by the board;
(e)  Any person residing in another state or country and authorized to practice as an athletic trainer there who is called in consultation by a person licensed in this state to practice as an athletic trainer or who, for the purpose of furthering athletic training education, is invited to this state to conduct a lecture, clinic or demonstration, while engaged in activities in connection with the consultation, lecture, clinic or demonstration, as long as the athletic trainer does not open an office or appoint a place to meet patients or receive calls in this state; or
(f)  An athletic trainer licensed and in good standing in another jurisdiction of the United States or credentialed in another country who practices in this state within the scope of such license or credentials, and who:
(i)   Is affiliated with or employed by an established athletic team, athletic organization or performing arts company temporarily practicing, competing or performing in this state for no more than sixty (60) days in a calendar year; and
(ii)  Is practicing only on patients, clients or team staff affiliated with or employed by such team, organization or company.
(2)  Nothing herein shall be construed to require registration of elementary or secondary school teachers, coaches or authorized volunteers who do not hold themselves out to the public as athletic trainers.
(3)  This chapter shall not be construed as to require licensure by persons assisting in an emergency or in providing aid or service for which no fee for service is contemplated, charged or received, provided that the person providing the service or assisting in the emergency does not hold himself out as an athletic trainer.

[(54-3905) 54-3904, added 1989, ch. 179, sec. 1, p. 442; am. & redesig. 2003, ch. 261, sec. 4, p. 689; am. 2018, ch. 24, sec. 3, p. 44.]

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