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54-402.  Definitions. (1) The terms used in this chapter have the following meanings:
(a)  "Amateur combatant" means an individual who has never been a professional combatant, as defined in this chapter, as well as an individual who has never received nor competed for any purse or other article of value, either for participating in or being associated in any way with any contest or exhibition of unarmed combat or for the expenses of training therefor, other than a noncash prize which does not exceed fifty dollars ($50.00) in value.
(b)  "Applicant" means any individual, club, association, corporation, partnership, trust or other business entity which submits an application to the commission for a license or permit pursuant to this chapter.
(c)  "Booking agent" means persons who act as bookers, agents, agencies and representatives who secure engagements and contracts for combatants.
(d)  "Boxing" means the pugilistic act of attack and defense with the fists, practiced as a sport. The term includes all variations of the sport permitting or using other parts of the human body to deliver blows upon an opponent including, but not limited to, the foot, knee, leg, elbow or head. "Boxing" includes, but is not limited to, kickboxing and martial arts but does not include professional wrestling.
(e)  "Broadcast" means any audio or visual transmission sent by any means of signal within, into or from this state, whether live or taped or time delayed, and includes any replays thereof.
(f)  "Closed-circuit telecast" means any telecast of contests or exhibitions which is not intended to be available for viewing without the payment of a fee, collected or based upon each telecast viewed, or for the privilege of viewing the telecast.
(g)  "Club" means an incorporated or unincorporated association or body of individuals voluntarily united and acting together for some common or special purpose.
(h)  "College" and "university" mean:
(i)   An educational institution of higher learning that typically grants associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate degrees;
(ii)  A division or school of a university; and
(iii) As used in this chapter, also includes educational institutions known as community colleges and career technical schools.
(i)  "Combatant" means an individual who takes part as a competitor in a contest or exhibition.
(j)  "Commission" means the state athletic commission.
(k)  "Commissioner" means the state athletic commissioner.
(l)  "Contest" means a boxing match in which the participants strive earnestly in good faith to win.
(m)  "Corner person" means, but shall not be limited to, a trainer, a second or any other individual who attends the combatant during a match.
(n)  "Division" means the division of occupational and professional licenses.
(o)  "Exhibition" means an engagement in which the participants show or display their skill without necessarily striving to win, such as a wrestling match between professional wrestlers or a boxing match where boxers are sparring.
(p)  "Judge" means an individual other than a referee who shall have a vote in determining the winner of any contest.
(q)  "Kickboxing" means any form of competitive pugilistic contest or exhibition in which blows are delivered with the hand and any part of the foot.
(r)  "License" means a certificate issued to a person by the commission that is required for the person to conduct, participate in or otherwise be associated with sanctioned contests or exhibitions.
(s)  "Licensee" means a person who has been issued a license by the commission.
(t)  "Manager" means a person who controls or administers the affairs of any professional combatant. The term "manager" includes a person acting as a booking agent or a person acting as the representative of a manager.
(u)  "Martial arts" means any form of karate, kung fu, tae kwon do, sumo, judo or any other system or form of combat or self-defense art.
(v)  "Matchmaker" means a person who brings together or induces combatants to participate in contests or exhibitions or a person who arranges contests or exhibitions.
(w)  "Participant" means any person who is required by this chapter to be licensed by the commission in connection with taking part in or being associated with a contest or exhibition.
(x)  "Person" means any individual, partnership, limited liability company, club, association, corporation, organization, secondary school, college, university, trust or other legal entity.
(y)  "Physician" means an individual licensed under the laws of this state to engage in the general practice of medicine or osteopathic medicine.
(z)  "Professional combatant" means an individual eighteen (18) years of age or older who participates as a competitor in a contest or exhibition for money, prizes or purses, or who teaches, instructs or assists in the practice of unarmed combat or sparring as a means of obtaining pecuniary gain.
(aa) "Professional contest and professional exhibition" means any contest or exhibition conducted within this state involving professional combatants.
(bb) "Professional wrestling" means an activity in which combatants struggle hand-to-hand primarily for the purpose of providing entertainment to spectators and which does not comprise a bona fide athletic contest or competition.
(cc) "Promoter" means any person including an owner, officer, partner, member, director, employee or shareholder thereof, who produces, arranges, stages or otherwise promotes any contest or exhibition.
(dd) "Pugilistic" means an act related to the skill or practice of fighting with the fists.
(ee) "Purse" means the financial guarantee or any other remuneration or thing of value for which a person participates in a contest or exhibition.
(ff) "Ring official" means any individual who performs an official function during the progress of a regulated contest or exhibition including, but not limited to, timekeepers, judges, referees and attending physicians.
(gg) "Sanctioning permit" means a license issued by the commission or a permit issued by an approved amateur athletic sanctioning organization, that authorizes a promoter to promote a single program of contests and exhibitions at a specific venue.
(hh) "Secondary school" means a school which, for operational purposes, is organized and administered on the basis of grades 7 through 12, inclusive, or any combination thereof.
(ii) "Sparring" means to engage in a form of unarmed combat, such as occurs in a practice or exhibition match.
(jj) "Trainer" means an individual who assists, coaches or instructs any unarmed combatant with respect to physical conditioning, strategy, techniques or preparation for competition in contests or exhibitions.
(kk) "Unarmed combat" means a fight or contest between individuals or groups without the use of weapons other than the natural appurtenances of the human body.
(2)  To the extent the commission deems pertinent, any specialized term not otherwise defined in this chapter may be defined by rule.

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