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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


54-403.  Agents, employees and inspectors. (1) The commission shall contract with the division of occupational and professional licenses to act as the board’s agent and employ such employees and inspectors as may be necessary to provide the required administrative, investigative, legal and fiscal services and otherwise administer the provisions of this chapter.
(2)  The commissioner may appoint up to five (5) deputy state athletic commissioners who shall be assigned such duties and given such authority as designated by the commissioner. Deputy commissioners shall serve at the discretion of the commissioner and may be appointed for a term not to exceed the tenure of the commissioner. Deputy commissioners shall be entitled to an honorarium as provided in section 59-509(n), Idaho Code.
(3)  No less than one (1) commissioner or deputy commissioner or agent of the commission shall be present at any contest or exhibition held under the provisions of this chapter. Such agents shall carry official identification evidencing their authority. It shall be their duty to see that all rules of the commission and the provisions of this chapter are strictly complied with and to be present at the accounting of the gross receipts of any contest or exhibition, and such agent is authorized to receive from the licensee conducting the contest or exhibition the statement of gross receipts herein provided for and to immediately transmit such reports to the commission.

[54-403, added 1992, ch. 229, sec. 2, p. 680; am. 2004, ch. 385, sec. 4, p. 1151; am. 2007, ch. 149, sec. 3, p. 447; am. 2022, ch. 94, sec. 10, p. 290.]

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