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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


54-4106.  Real estate appraisers — Real estate appraiser board — Powers and duties — Compensation. (1) There is hereby created in the division of occupational and professional licenses a real estate appraiser board, hereinafter referred to as the "board," which shall administer the provisions of this chapter. The board shall consist of five (5) members to be appointed by and to serve at the pleasure of the governor as follows:
(a)  One (1) real estate appraiser from the northern district consisting of the counties of Idaho, Lewis, Nez Perce, Clearwater, Latah, Benewah, Boundary, Shoshone, Kootenai and Bonner; one (1) real estate appraiser from the southeastern district consisting of the counties of Lemhi, Butte, Clark, Fremont, Jefferson, Madison, Teton, Bonneville, Bingham, Caribou, Bear Lake, Franklin, Oneida, Power and Bannock; one (1) real estate appraiser from the southwestern district consisting of the counties of Owyhee, Elmore, Ada, Canyon, Boise, Gem, Payette, Washington, Adams and Valley; one (1) real estate appraiser from the south central district consisting of the counties of Blaine, Camas, Cassia, Custer, Gooding, Jerome, Lincoln, Minidoka and Twin Falls; and one (1) public member from the state at large;
(b)  The governor shall appoint the members of the board, four (4) of whom shall be real estate appraisers with not less than five (5) years’ experience in the real estate appraisal business in Idaho and one (1) of whom shall be a member of the public with an interest in the rights of consumers of real estate appraisal services. Each regular appointment, other than an appointment to fill an unexpired term, shall be for a term of four (4) years and each board member shall hold office until a successor is appointed and qualified. Upon the death, resignation or removal of any member of the board, the governor shall appoint a qualified person to fill the unexpired term. Appointments to fill any vacancy other than that resulting from the expiration of a term shall be made for the unexpired term;
(c)  The board shall call a meeting not less than one (1) time annually to organize and elect a chairman. Thereafter, the chairman may call meetings of the board whenever he deems it advisable but if he refuses to call a meeting upon written demand of the other four (4) members of the board, then such members may call such meeting. Reasonable notice shall be given in writing by mail of such meeting.
(2)  The board shall have, in addition to the powers conferred elsewhere in this chapter, the following powers and duties:
(a)  To authorize, by written agreement, the division of occupational and professional licenses to act as its agent in its interest;
(b)  To adopt, pursuant to the administrative procedure act, such rules as the board, in its discretion, deems necessary for the administration and enforcement of this chapter, and any such rules deemed necessary by the board to keep the Idaho real estate appraisers act in compliance with federal law, rule, regulation or policy;
(c)  To conduct investigations into violations of the provisions of this chapter;
(d)  To receive applications for and issue licenses or certificates to real estate appraisers pursuant to this chapter;
(e)  To hold meetings, hearings and examinations at such places and at such times as it shall designate;
(f)  To collect, deposit and disburse application and other fees, as required by this chapter or federal law;
(g)  To maintain a register of all state licensed or certified residential and state certified general real estate appraisers;
(h)  To censure a state licensed or certified appraiser or suspend or revoke appraisal licenses or certificates as provided in this chapter, subject to the provisions of the Idaho administrative procedure act, chapter 52, title 67, Idaho Code;
(i)  To adopt rules governing the registration and limitations of real estate appraiser trainees; and
(j)  To require new applicants to submit to a satisfactory fingerprint-based criminal history check of the Idaho central criminal database and the federal bureau of investigation criminal history database and to collect fees from applicants for the costs of such background check.
(3)  Each member of the board of real estate appraisers shall be compensated as provided in section 59-509(m), Idaho Code.

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