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54-4407.  Peer assistance entity to report to board. (1) The legislature recognizes that confidentiality is essential to obtaining maximum disclosure from impaired health care professionals; such disclosure is vital to the success of the peer assistance process. It is also recognized that the public must be protected from health care professionals who continue to practice in an impaired state.
(2)  If the peer assistance entity reasonably believes that a health care professional continues to practice in an impaired state after entering into the peer assistance entity’s program and despite the peer assistance entity’s recommendations for treatment or modification of practice to remove risk to the public from the effects of the impairment, the peer assistance entity shall immediately notify the appropriate board regarding the impaired health care professional and provide all documentation relevant to substantiate the impaired practice. Similarly, if the licensing board reasonably believes that a health care professional continues to practice in an impaired state, it can require the peer assistance entity to provide all documentation available on the current ability to practice of the individual. Information that does not deal directly with the professional ability to practice will remain privileged.
(3)  The board shall have access to financial and administrative records necessary to determine contract compliance and to reports regarding aggregate statistical information; provided, information released pursuant to this subsection shall not contain data which could be used to specifically identify past or present peer assistance program participants.
(4)  The board shall have the authority to use any documentation or information supplied to it from a peer assistance entity pursuant to this section or section 54-4406, Idaho Code, as it deems necessary and which is consistent with applicable Idaho law.
(5)  Nothing in this chapter shall be deemed to supersede any duty to report under chapter 19, title 6, or section 16-1605 or 16-1606, Idaho Code.

[54-4407, added 1993, ch. 73, sec. 1, p. 196; am. 2005, ch. 391, sec. 58, p. 1314.]

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