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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


54-5313.  Licenses — Records — Fees — Payment of costs and expenses. (1) The division of occupational and professional licenses shall, upon the approval of the board and subject to the provisions of this chapter, register and issue licenses to persons who have been approved by the board in accordance with this chapter. The licenses shall bear on their face the seal of the state and the signature of the division administrator of the division of occupational and professional licenses and shall be effective until the next birthday of the person being licensed. Licenses so issued shall be renewed annually in accordance with section 67-2614, Idaho Code. The provisions of sections 67-2609 through 67-2614, Idaho Code, shall apply to licenses issued pursuant to this chapter.
(2)  The board shall keep and the division shall maintain a record of board proceedings and a register of all applications that show:
(a)  The name, age, social security number and residency of each applicant;
(b)  The date of application;
(c)  The place of business of such applicant;
(d)  The educational and other qualifications of each applicant;
(e)  Whether or not an examination was required;
(f)  Whether the applicant was denied;
(g)  Whether a license was issued;
(h)  The dates of the action by the board;
(i)  Compliance with continuing education requirements; and
(j)  Such other information as may be deemed necessary by the board.
(3)  The division of occupational and professional licenses shall collect a fee not to exceed two hundred dollars ($200) for each application, each original license, and each annual renewal of any license issued pursuant to this chapter and shall deposit all fees in the state treasury in accordance with section 67-2608, Idaho Code. The actual fees shall be set by board rule. The division shall also collect a fee equal to that charged by the examination provider when an examination is required as a condition of licensing. Fees paid under the provisions of this chapter shall not be refunded unless otherwise specified herein.
(4)  All fees received under the provisions of this chapter shall be paid to the division of occupational and professional licenses and deposited in the state treasury to the credit of the occupational licenses fund, and all costs and expenses incurred under the provisions of this chapter shall be charged against and paid from said fund.

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