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54-5402.  DEFINITIONS. As used in this chapter:
(1)  "Board" means the Idaho driving businesses licensure board, which will act as the state regulatory body for driving businesses hereinafter provided in this chapter.
(2)  "Driver education" means classroom instruction and behind-the-wheel driving time.
(3)  "Driving business" means any driver education business established for the education of students in a classroom or motor vehicle, or both, which education shall not qualify a student for a commercial driver’s license. A driving business shall not include an education program run by a church, synagogue, or refugee program or an accident prevention course taught, regulated, or licensed by the transportation department.
(4)  "Driving instructor" means a person who is licensed by the board to teach the classroom instruction phase and behind-the-wheel training phase of automobile driver training. This term does not apply to any independent certified driving instructor who participates in a state or federal program directed at training or retraining persons in occupational skills or to instructors who operate or work for public driving businesses that are overseen by the state department of education.
(5)  "License" means a document issued by the division of occupational and professional licenses on behalf of the board officially documenting the individual’s right to practice as a driving instructor or to operate a driving business within the state of Idaho.

[54-5402, added 2009, ch. 251, sec. 2, p. 765; am. 2020, ch. 213, sec. 2, p. 621; am. 2022, ch. 94, sec. 71, p. 329.]

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