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54-602.  Podiatry defined. (1) Podiatry shall, for the purpose of this chapter, mean the diagnosis and mechanical, electrical, medical, physical and surgical treatment of ailments of the human foot and leg, and the casting of feet for the purpose of preparing or prescribing corrective appliances, prosthetics, and/or the making of custom shoes for corrective treatment; provided, however, that the casting of feet for preparing corrective appliances, prosthetics and/or custom shoes may be permitted on the prescription of a duly licensed person in the healing arts in this state. Podiatrists shall be limited in their practice to the human foot and leg. Surgical treatment, as herein used, shall mean the surgical treatment of the foot and ankle and those soft tissue structures below the knee governing the function of the foot and ankle, but shall not include the amputation of the leg, surgery of the knee joint, surgery of the bony structures proximal to the distal half of the tibia, or the administration or monitoring of general anesthesia.
(2)  Advanced surgical procedures, as determined by the state board of podiatry, shall be performed in a licensed hospital or certified ambulatory surgical center accredited by the joint commission on accreditation of healthcare organizations or the accreditation association for ambulatory health care where a peer review system is in place.
(3)  A podiatrist may administer narcotics and medications in the treatment of ailments of the human foot and leg in the same manner as a physician and surgeon licensed to practice under chapter 18, title 54, Idaho Code.
(4)  It is not the intent of this section, and nothing herein shall be so construed, to prohibit the sale of noncustom built shoes that are commonly sold by merchants in commercial establishments.
(5)  A podiatrist is defined as a natural person who practices podiatry and who within the scope of this chapter is a physician and surgeon of the foot and ankle, and shall be referred to as a podiatric physician and surgeon; provided, further, that nothing within this chapter shall prohibit any physician or surgeon, registered and licensed as such and authorized to practice under the laws of the state of Idaho, or any physician or surgeon of the United States army, navy or public health service when in actual performance of his duties, from practicing medicine and surgery.

[54-602, added 1957, ch. 143, sec. 2, p. 235; am. 1976, ch. 361, sec. 2, p. 1185; am. 2005, ch. 306, sec. 1, p. 955.]

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