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54-605.  Powers and duties of state board of podiatry. The state board of podiatry, herein referred to as the board, shall have the following powers:
(1)  To approve examinations to ascertain the qualifications and fitness of applicants to practice podiatry; to pass upon the qualifications of applicants for licenses by endorsement; and to establish, by rule, the specific examinations to be required of each applicant for licensure.
(2)  To prescribe rules defining for the podiatrists what shall constitute a reputable school, college or university, or department of a university or other institution in good standing, and to determine the reputability of good standing of a school, college or university, or department of a university or other institution, by reference to compliance with such rules.
(3)  To establish a standard of preliminary education deemed requisite for admission to a school, college or university teaching podiatry, and to require satisfactory proof of the enforcement of such standards by schools, colleges and universities.
(4)  To prescribe rules for a fair and wholly impartial method of examination of candidates to practice podiatry.
(5)  To conduct hearings and proceedings for discipline of licensees as set forth in this chapter.
(6)  To make and promulgate rules when required in this chapter to be administered.
(7)  To make and promulgate rules prescribing the standards for the ethical practice of podiatry in the state.
(8)  To authorize, by written agreement, the division of occupational and professional licenses as agent to act in its interest.
(9)  To make and promulgate rules defining and requiring a podiatric residency as a condition of licensure.
(10) To promulgate rules establishing an inactive license status and an inactive license fee.

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