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55-1902.  Definitions. As used in this chapter:
(1)  "Basis of bearing" means the bearing in degrees, minutes and seconds, or equivalent, of a line between two (2) monuments or two (2) monumented corners that serves as the reference bearing for all other lines on the survey.
(2)  "Corner," unless otherwise defined, means a property corner, or a property controlling corner, or a public land survey corner, or any combination of these.
(3)  "GPS" is the abbreviation for global positioning system, which is satellite surveying based on observations of the electromagnetic signals broadcast from the U.S. department of defense’s NAVSTAR GPS system.
(4)  "Idaho coordinate system" shall mean that system of plane coordinates as established and designated by chapter 17, title 55, Idaho Code.
(5)  "Land survey" means measuring the field location of corners that:
(a)  Determine the boundary or boundaries common to two (2) or more ownerships;
(b)  Retrace or establish land boundaries;
(c)  Retrace or establish boundary lines of public roads, streets, alleys or trails; or
(d)  Plat lands and subdivisions thereof.
(6)  "Monument" is a physical structure or object that occupies the exact position of a corner.
(7)  "Property controlling corner" for a property is a public land survey corner, property corner, reference point or witness corner that controls the location of one (1) or more of the property corners of the property in question.
(8)  "Property corner" is a geographic point on the surface of the earth and is on, a part of, and controls a property.
(9)  "Public land survey corner" is any point actually established and monumented in an original survey or resurvey that determines the boundaries of remaining public lands, or public lands patented, represented on an official plat and in the field notes thereof, accepted and approved under authority delegated by congress to the U.S. general land office and the U.S. department of the interior, bureau of land management.
(10) "Reference point" means a special monumented point that does not occupy the same geographical position as the corner itself, and where the spatial relationship to the corner is known and recorded, and that serves to locate the corner.
(11) "Surveyor" shall mean every person authorized by the state of Idaho to practice the profession of land surveying.

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