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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


56-1030.  REGIONAL Time Sensitive Emergency COMMITTEES — MEMBERSHIP — DUTIES. (1) Pursuant to section 56-1028(4), Idaho Code, each substate region designated by the council shall have a time sensitive emergency committee.
(2)  Membership of each regional TSE committee shall be based on the needs of the region and can be modified as the regional TSE committee determines, but each regional committee shall be initially comprised as follows:
(a)  Each facility that is designated or is seeking designation by the council as a trauma center, stroke facility or heart attack facility may appoint one (1) representative for each of the designations that the facility holds or is seeking to hold to the regional committee for the region in which the facility is located;
(b)  Each air medical EMS agency that provides patient transport within the region may appoint one (1) representative;
(c)  Each hospital that either holds or is seeking Idaho trauma, stroke or heart attack designation may appoint the hospital administrator;
(d)  Each EMS agency with a response area in the region may appoint one (1) representative; and
(e)  The regional committee shall include a pediatrician or an expert in children’s trauma.
(3)  Members of a regional committee shall elect a chair to serve a term of two (2) years.
(4)  The duties of each regional committee shall be as follows:
(a)  Implement care guidelines, policies, procedures and protocols for the regional TSE system;
(b)  Conduct regional quality improvement, including receipt of reports prepared by the council containing trauma, stroke and heart attack data and making recommendations to facilities within the region based upon those reports;
(c)  Advise the council concerning the statewide system;
(d)  Establish trauma, stroke and heart attack education and prevention programs;
(e)  Provide advice concerning trauma, stroke and heart attack care to health care facilities and other providers of health care;
(f)  Perform other duties required by Idaho code and council rules; and
(g)  Conduct other activities needed to ensure optimal delivery of trauma, stroke and heart attack care services within the region.

[56-1030, added 2014, ch. 147, sec. 7, p. 406.]

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