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56-1044.  Radiation machines used to perform mammography. (1) No person shall use a radiation machine to perform mammography unless the radiation machine is registered with the department of health and welfare under department rules for registration of radiation machines and is specifically authorized under this section for use for mammography.
(2)  The department shall authorize a radiation machine for use for mammography if the radiation machine meets the current criteria of the American college of radiology mammography accreditation program, published by the American college of radiology, or meets an equivalent standard adopted by the department. The department shall make copies of those criteria available to the public.
(3)  The department may withdraw the mammography authorization for a radiation machine if it does not meet the standards set forth in subsection (2) of this section.
(4)  The department shall provide an opportunity for a hearing in connection with a denial or withdrawal of mammography authorization.
(5)  Upon a finding that a deficiency in a radiation machine used for mammography or a violation of the rules promulgated under this section seriously affects the health, safety, and welfare of individuals upon whom the radiation machine is used for mammography, the department may issue an emergency order summarily withdrawing the mammography authorization of the radiation machine. The department shall incorporate its findings in the order and shall provide an opportunity for a hearing within five (5) working days after issuance of the order. The order shall be effective during the proceedings.
(6)  If the department withdraws the mammography authorization of a radiation machine, the radiation machine shall not be used for mammography until reauthorized by the department.
(7)  If a person violates the provisions of subsection (1) of this section, the department shall post a conspicuous notice on the unauthorized radiation machine and at the entry to the facility where the radiation machine is located warning the public that the facility is performing mammography using a radiation machine that is a substantial hazard to the public health.

[(56-1044) 39-3030, added 1991, ch. 172, sec. 1, p. 419; am. and redesig. 2001, ch. 110, sec. 36, p. 389.]

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