Idaho Statutes

56-1102.  Legislative findings. The legislature finds that:
(1)  The problem of poverty will not be solved solely by government programs and income subsidies.
(2)  It is in the best interest of all Idahoans to structure incentives in a way that will result in a greater likelihood that low-income and working-poor individuals will attain self-sufficiency.
(3)  It is in the best interest of all Idahoans to encourage low-income individuals, neighborhoods and communities to benefit from the developments achieved through the growth in assets and investments.
(4)  Achieving self-sufficiency and assessing economic opportunity for low-income and working-poor individuals can be addressed through public policy that invests in asset accumulation and is supported by private sector philanthropy.
(5)  Providing a structured savings situation for low-income and working-poor individuals enhances their chances of fulfilling major life goals and opportunities and incorporates them into the economic mainstream.
(6)  The state has an opportunity to take advantage of private and public resources by making the transition to an asset-based antipoverty strategy. Those resources include, but are not limited to, the assets for independence act (42 U.S.C. section 604) and the workforce investment act (P.L. 105-220).
(7)  Investment through an individual development account program will help lower-income households obtain the assets they need to succeed. Communities and this state will experience resultant economic and social benefits accruing from the promotion of job training and higher education, home ownership and small business development.
(8)  It is desirable for this state to enact legislation that enables an authorized fiduciary organization sufficient flexibility to receive private, state and federal moneys for individual development accounts. The legislature should periodically review the provisions of this chapter to ensure that this state maximizes the receipt of available federal moneys for individual development accounts.

[56-1102, added 2002, ch. 149, sec. 1, p. 436.]

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