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56-1104.  Approved purpose of account — Emergency withdrawal — Removal of account holder from program. (1) A person may establish an individual development account only for a purpose approved by a fiduciary organization. Disbursements from an account for an approved purpose shall be made directly by the fiduciary organization on behalf of the account holder but in no event shall the fiduciary organization make a disbursement for an approved purpose directly to the account holder. Purposes that the fiduciary organization may approve are:
(a)  Educational costs for any family member eighteen (18) years of age or older, at an accredited institution of postsecondary education.
(b)  The purchase of a primary residence. In addition to payment on the purchase price of the residence, account moneys may be used to pay any usual or reasonable settlement, financing or other closing costs. The account holder must not have owned or held any interest in a residence during the three (3) years prior to making the purchase. However, this three (3) year period shall not apply to displaced homemakers or other individuals who have lost home ownership as a result of divorce.
(c)  The capitalization of a small business. Account moneys may be used for capital, plant, equipment and inventory expenses or for working capital pursuant to a business plan. The business plan must have been developed through a financial institution, nonprofit microenterprise program or other qualified agent demonstrating business expertise and have been approved by the fiduciary organization. The business plan must include a description of the services or goods to be sold, a marketing plan and projected financial statements.
(2)  (a) If an emergency occurs, an account holder may withdraw all or part of the account holder’s deposits to an individual development account for a purpose not described in subsection (1) of this section. As used in this paragraph, an approved emergency includes making payments for necessary medical expenses, to avoid eviction of the account holder from the account holder’s residence and for necessary living expenses following a loss of employment.
(b)  The account holder must reimburse the account for the amount withdrawn under this subsection within twelve (12) months after the date of the withdrawal. Failure of an account holder to make a timely reimbursement to the account is grounds for removing the account holder from the individual development account program. Until the reimbursement has been made in full, an account holder shall not be approved for matching funds or accrued interest on matching funds.
(3)  If an account holder withdraws, or directs the withdrawal, of moneys from an individual development account for other than an approved purpose, the fiduciary organization may remove the account holder from the program.
(4)  If an account holder moves from the area where the program is conducted or is otherwise unable to continue in the program, the fiduciary organization may remove the account holder from the program.
(5)  If an account holder is removed from the program under subsection (2), (3) or (4) of this section, the account holder shall retain moneys he or she deposited in the account, including interest earned. In the event of the death of the account holder, moneys deposited in the account by the account holder and interest earned on those deposits shall be distributed to the designated beneficiary of the account and, if there is none, then according to the laws of the state of Idaho as moneys of the estate of the account holder. If the account holder is removed from the program or in the event of the account holder’s death, all matching deposits in the account and all interest earned on matching deposits shall revert to the fiduciary organization. The fiduciary organization shall use the reverted funds as a source of matching deposits for other accounts.

[56-1104, added 2002, ch. 149, sec. 1, p. 437.]

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