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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


57-104.  Depositing unit. Every municipal and quasi-municipal corporation, recreation district, improvement district, school district, or governmental unit, of every kind, character or class, now or hereafter created or organized, and authorized by law to levy taxes or special assessments, for which the county treasurer does not act as treasurer, and every county, is a depositing unit: provided, that as to any such depositing unit as herein defined the moneys of which may at any time be in the custody, charge or possession of any county treasurer or tax collector, the county shall be deemed to be the depositing unit with respect to such moneys while the same so remain in such custody, charge or possession, and also of all moneys in the custody, charge or possession of any county treasurer or tax collector for the credit of any school district or other political subdivision of a county authorized by law to levy taxes or special assessments and not herein defined as a "depositing unit."
The board of control or other agency created by or as a result of contracts entered into under the authority of federal and state statutes pursuant to which such board or other agency acts as the operating agent for one or more irrigation districts within the state of Idaho, including the board of control of the Boise Project as created by the respective contracts entered into by and between the United States and the New York irrigation district, Nampa & Meridian irrigation district, Boise-Kuna irrigation district, Wilder irrigation district, in the state of Idaho, and the Big Bend irrigation district in the state of Oregon, under the provisions of the Act of Congress of June 17, 1902 (32 Stat. 388) and acts amendatory thereof or supplemental thereto, and particularly under the provisions of section 4 of the Act of Congress of December 5, 1924, (43 Stat. 672, 701, now sections 500 and 501 of chapter 12, title 43 of the United States Code Annotated) [U.S.C., tit. 43, sections 500, 501], all generally referred to as the Reclamation Law, shall also be deemed to be a depositing unit within the meaning and for the purposes of this chapter, (being the public depository law) with boundaries coinciding with those of the irrigation districts in this state for which said board of control, or other agency, now or hereafter acts as operating agent, and as such shall also be deemed to be located in all counties in the state in which all or any part of such irrigation district or districts are located, and all moneys coming into the possession of such board of control, or such other agency, are public moneys and may be deposited in bank, under the provisions of this chapter, in the name of such board, or other agency.

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