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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


57-111.  Financial institutions eligible as depositories — Certain funds of irrigation districts under section 43-118, Idaho Code. Any national bank, state bank, trust company, federal savings and loan association, state savings and loan association, federal credit union or state credit union, located within the geographical boundaries of any depositing unit, may become a depository of the public funds of such depositing unit by making application therefor to its supervising board and may under the provisions of section 57-130, Idaho Code, become the depository of other depositing units within the state.
Provided, that moneys which have been or shall be hereafter derived by irrigation districts organized under and by virtue of the provisions of section 43-118, Idaho Code, from the sale of coupon bonds for the payment of interest on bonds outstanding as provided by chapter 5, title 43, Idaho Code, may be deposited in a depository designated within the state of Idaho as provided by this chapter, or in such other depository within or without the state of Idaho as shall be designated by resolution of the board of directors of the irrigation district, and upon such terms and conditions as shall be agreed upon by the directors of the irrigation district and the purchasers of the outstanding bonds: provided, however, that the funds available as aforesaid shall in no manner be dissipated or used for any purpose other than the payment of interest on outstanding bonds.

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