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58-335A.  Other lands exempt from act. The provisions of sections 58-331 through 58-335, Idaho Code, shall not apply to surplus real properties of the Idaho transportation department, with the exclusion of office and maintenance yard sites. The Idaho transportation board shall promulgate rules to govern the sale of surplus real properties under this section, provided that in no case shall a property be sold or exchanged for a value less than that established through the appraisal process; and provided further that surplus real property may be offered for sale or exchange to any tax-supported agency or political subdivision of the state of Idaho, other than the state of Idaho or its agencies, in whose jurisdiction the property is located, at a negotiated price not to exceed the appraised value. Such surplus property sold or exchanged for less than the appraised value must be used in perpetuity exclusively for a public purpose which shall be stated in the deed of transfer. If the stated use shall cease, the property shall revert to the ownership of the Idaho transportation department.
For the purpose of acquiring highway rights-of-way, the Idaho transportation board is authorized to exchange surplus real property of the department for other parcels of real property. In exchanging real properties, the board shall cause both parcels of real property to be appraised, and either the owner or the department shall pay to the other the difference in value.
Before the department disposes of surplus property at public sale, the department shall first notify any person who owns real property which is contiguous with the surplus property of the department that he has first option to purchase the surplus property for an amount not less than the appraised value. If more than one (1) adjoining owner wants to purchase the property, a private auction shall be held for such parties. If no owner of adjoining property exercises his option to buy, the department may proceed to public sale.

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