Idaho Statutes

58-805.  Appointment of appraisers. The corporate authorities of such town, in case the same be incorporated, or otherwise, the judge, shall appoint, by order, resolution or ordinance, a board of appraisers, to consist of three (3) freeholders or householders of such town, who shall have no interest in such unclaimed or unconveyed lots or parcels of land, or the improvements thereof. Each of said appraisers shall take an oath to faithfully discharge his duties as such appraiser, and shall file such oath in the office of the clerk of such municipality or county before commencing his duties as such appraiser. In case such appraisers should fail or neglect to make appraisements hereinafter specified and file the same with said clerk for a period of more than ten (10) days after their appointment, then said judge or corporate authorities may appoint a new board of appraisers for the purposes herein provided. It shall be the duty of such authorities to appoint such appraisers within thirty (30) days after the time has expired for persons to present claims for lots, pieces or parcels of land in such town.

[(58-805) 1905, p. 84, sec. 4; am. R.C., sec. 2151; reen. C.L., sec. 2151; C.S., sec. 3768; I.C.A., sec. 56-705; am. 1975, ch. 214, sec. 2, p. 594.]

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