Idaho Statutes

58-818.  Conveyance to claimants. After the expiration of sixty (60) days from the time of the first publication of the notice, the corporate authorities or judge holding the title to the lands described therein, must, upon a reasonable demand or request, and upon the payment or tender of the moneys mentioned in the last preceding section [58-817, Idaho Code], execute, acknowledge and deliver to each and every claimant, association or company of claimants of such lands, or of any lot, block, parcel or share thereof, a conveyance thereof, according to the statement made and deposited as aforesaid: provided, that no such conveyance must be executed, acknowledged or delivered for any part, lot, block or share of such lands to which there are adverse claimants, until the controversy thereon is settled or determined in the manner hereinbefore prescribed, and whenever any such controversy is so settled or determined, the said corporate authorities or judge must, upon the like demand or request, and the like payment or tender, convey the land, or interest, or share therein, the right to which has been thus ascertained, to the person thereby determined to be entitled to the same.

[(58-818) 1874, p. 698, sec. 10; am. R.S., sec. 2209; reen. R.C. & C.L., sec. 2164; C.S., sec. 3781; I.C.A., sec. 56-718.]

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