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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


60-106.  Qualifications of newspapers printing legal notices. No legal notice, advertisement or publication of any kind required or provided by the laws of the state of Idaho, to be published in a newspaper, shall be published or have any force or effect, as such, unless the same be published in a newspaper of general interest published in the state of Idaho, and which newspaper if published weekly, has been continuously and uninterruptedly published in the county during a period of seventy-eight (78) consecutive weeks prior to the first publication of the notice, or advertisement, and, if published daily, has been so published as a daily newspaper in the county during a period of twelve (12) consecutive months prior to the first publication of the notice or advertisement; provided that, notwithstanding any other provision of Idaho laws, the term "newspaper of (or having) general circulation," wherever used in Idaho Code as a qualification of newspapers required to be used for the publication of notice, shall mean a "newspaper," as defined in this section, that is published within the boundaries of the governmental entity wherein the notice is required to be published and which newspaper has the largest paid circulation among all newspapers published in that governmental entity as verified by the sworn statement of average total paid or requested circulation for the preceding twelve (12) months that was filed on the annual statement of ownership, management and circulation with the U.S. postal service on the date immediately preceding the date of the required publication of notice; excepting that, where no newspaper is published within the governmental entity required to publish a notice, the term "newspaper of (or having) general circulation" shall mean the newspaper with the largest paid circulation published within any county in which the governmental entity is located, or the newspaper published nearest to the boundaries of the governmental entity; provided, that nothing in this chapter shall invalidate the publication of such notice or advertisement in any newspaper which has simply changed its name, frequency of publication, suspended publication because of an act of God, or public enemy, fire, strike, or other labor dispute, explosion, flood, government prohibition, government requisition of essential property, preferential government orders, breakdown, legal acts of public authorities or other acts beyond the control of the publisher for a period of not to exceed six (6) months, or changed the place of publication from one part of the county to another part thereof, without breaking the continuity of its regular issues for the required length of time: and, provided further, that this chapter shall not apply to counties in which no newspaper has been published for the required length of time: provided the term "Newspaper" as used in this section shall apply only to such newspapers of general interest made up of at least four (4) pages of at least five (5) columns each, printed from type matter or from "slugs" cast upon the linotype or intertype or similar "slug-casting" machine, or by the process known as "offset," or stereotyped forms of at least seventeen and three-fourths (17 3/4) inches depth; or, if smaller pages, then comprising an equivalent amount of type matter, and which shall have at least two hundred (200) bona fide subscribers living within the county in which the newspaper is published at regular intervals and, in no case, less frequently than once a week; provided that a newspaper produced by the process known as mimeographing or similar methods shall not be deemed a legal newspaper for publications of any kind. And provided further, that any duly qualified newspaper, as hereinbefore defined, shall not forfeit its standing as such by reason of the fact that it has suspended publication for all or any part of the period during which the United States has been or shall be engaged in the prosecution of any war, or for one (1) year following the date of the proclamation of the President of the United States declaring that this nation is no longer at war, or the termination of a state of war shall be otherwise established. And if any such newspaper shall resume regular publication within one (1) year from the date when the termination of the state of war shall be so established, it shall then be as fully qualified to publish any legal notice, advertisement, or publication required to be published by the laws of the state of Idaho, as if such newspaper had not suspended regular publication during the above mentioned period of time.
No newspaper shall qualify under this section unless the same shall hold a valid second class mailing permit from the United States Post Office. Any violations of the previous requirements of this section concerning printing of newspapers other than in the governmental entity in which a notice or advertisement is required to be printed are hereby excused and any advertisement published in any such newspapers is hereby validated.

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