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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


61-637.  Stay of order on appeal — Bond. In case the order or decision of the commission is stayed or suspended, the order of the court shall not become effective until a suspending bond shall first have been executed and filed with, and approved by the commission (or approved on review by the court), payable to the people of the state of Idaho, and sufficient in amount and security to insure the prompt payment, by the party petitioning for the review, of all damages caused by the delay in the enforcement of the order or decision of the commission, and of all moneys which any person or corporation may be compelled to pay, pending the review proceedings, for transportation, transmission, product, commodity, or service in excess of the charges fixed by the order or decision of the commission, in case said order or decision is sustained. The court, in case it stays or suspends the order or decision of the commission in any matter affecting rates, fares, tolls, rentals, charges or classifications, shall also by order direct the public utility affected to pay into court, from time to time, there to be impounded until the final decision of the case or into some bank or trust company paying interest on deposits, under such conditions as the court may prescribe, all sums of money which it may collect from any corporation or person in excess of the sum such corporation or person would have been compelled to pay if the order or decision of the commission had not been stayed or suspended.

[(61-637) 1913, ch. 61, sec. 64c, p. 248; reen. C.L. 106:143; C.S., sec. 2511; I.C.A., sec. 59-637.]

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