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63-1007.  Redemption — Expiration of right. (1) After the issuance of a tax deed, real property may be redeemed only by the record owner or owners, or party in interest, up to the time the county commissioners have entered into a contract of sale or the property has been transferred by county deed. In order to redeem real property, the record owner or owners, or party in interest, shall pay any delinquency including the late charges, accrued interest, and costs, including, but not limited to, title search and other professional fees. The property taxes accrued against such property subsequent to the issuance of a tax deed to the county shall be extended upon a valuation to be given by the assessor upon application of the tax collector. The property taxes shall be computed according to the authorized levies for the year or years to be extended, including the current calendar year which shall be calculated using the previous year’s levies until the current levies are authorized.
(2)  Should such payments be made, a redemption deed shall be issued by the county tax collector into the name of the redemptioner and the rights, title and interest acquired by the county shall cease and terminate; provided however, that such right of redemption shall expire fourteen (14) months from the date of issuance of a tax deed to the county, in the event the county commissioners have not extinguished the right of redemption by contract of sale or transfer by county deed during said redemption period. In the event a tax deed is issued and payment is not received within fourteen (14) months of the issuance of such tax deed, then said tax deed to the county is presumptive evidence of the regularity of all proceedings prior thereto and the fee simple title, after the issuance of said tax deed, rests in the county.

[63-1007 added 1996, ch. 98, sec. 11, p. 385; am. 2001, ch. 193, sec. 1, p. 658; am. 2014, ch. 15, sec. 1, p. 23.]

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