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63-212.  Estates — Claimants — Agents — Undivided interest. (1) When the property assessed is the unpartitioned property of a deceased person, the name of the heirs, guardian, executor or administrator may be inserted on the property roll, and the payment of property taxes on such property by any such person binds the estate for the repayment of the amount of such property taxes to such person, and binds all parties in interest for the repayment of their just proportions of the amount of such property taxes to such person.
(2)  Whenever a person claiming property and desiring to pay the property taxes thereon is not named as the owner he may have his name inserted on the property roll with that of the person named, if so documented with a recordable document.
(3)  Whenever a person has an agent for the payment of property taxes, the name of such agent may be inserted upon request, and in the taxpayers index.
(4)  An undivided interest in real property may be appraised, assessed and taxed as such. The payment of all property taxes on an undivided interest in any real property assessed as such discharges all liens attached to such undivided interest on account of such property taxes.

[63-212 added 1996, ch. 98, sec. 3, p. 323.]

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