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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


63-302.  List of taxable personal property. (1) The assessor shall leave at the office, place of business or residence of each personal property owner, or mail to such personal property owner at his last known post office address, a form with notice requiring such personal property owner to make a correct list of taxable personal property. Every personal property owner so required shall enter a true and correct statement of such personal property and the ownership thereof, which statement shall be signed and verified by the oath of the personal property owner or his agent listing such personal property, and shall be delivered to the assessor, not later than March 15. The assessor shall thereupon determine the market value for assessment purposes of such personal property and enter the same on the property roll. However, if for any reason the assessor shall fail to contact such personal property owner, the failure shall not impair or invalidate any assessment, nor will such failure relieve the personal property owner or his agent of the responsibility to obtain such declaration and to comply with the requirements of this title. Any willful failure to personally contact each personal property owner, shall be deemed malfeasance in office and grounds for the removal of the assessor from office.
(2)  If such person fails to make and deliver the list as required, the assessor may list and assess such personal property according to his best judgment and information.
(3)  Whenever a taxpayer’s list of taxable personal property discloses personal property having a situs for purposes of taxation in another county in this state, the assessor must immediately make a copy of that portion of such list for each county in which such personal property is situated, and transmit the same by mail to the assessor of the proper county, who must, upon receipt of such copy, enter such personal property upon the property roll therein, unless such personal property has already been entered. The assessor shall strike from the original list all personal property so disclosed as having a situs in another county, and shall assess and enter only the balance of the personal property in his county.

[63-302 added 1996, ch. 98, sec. 4, p. 327.]

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