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63-3035C.  Revocation and suspension of withholding accounts — Penalties. (1) An income tax withholding account issued under section 63-3035, Idaho Code, shall be held only by persons actively engaged in activities requiring such an account under this chapter. Any person not so engaged shall forthwith cancel his account number by notifying the state tax commission.
(2)  Whenever any person fails to comply with any provision of this chapter relating to the withholding, reporting or payment of income tax withholding or any rules of the commission relating to such withholding prescribed and adopted under this chapter, the state tax commission may revoke or suspend any withholding account held by the person or may deny a new account to such person.
(3)  The state tax commission may revoke the withholding account of a person not actively engaged in activities requiring an account under section 63-3035, Idaho Code.
(4)  Notice of revocation shall be given in the manner provided for deficiencies in taxes in section 63-3045, Idaho Code, which shall be subject to review as provided in that section.
(5)  A withholding account, held by a person who for a period of twelve (12) consecutive months reports no income tax withholding due under this chapter, shall expire automatically upon the state tax commission providing notice of the expiration to the last known address of the person to whom the account was issued.
(6)  A person who engages in activities requiring a withholding account under this chapter without such an account or after an account has been revoked or suspended, and any person who is a responsible person, as defined in section 63-3078, Idaho Code, of such a business shall, after receiving written notice from the state tax commission, be subject to a civil penalty not in excess of one hundred dollars ($100), and each day shall constitute a separate offense, which the state tax commission may assess as a deficiency pursuant to section 63-3045, Idaho Code.

[63-3035C, added 2006, ch. 60, sec. 5, p. 188.]

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