Idaho Statutes

63-3059.  Levy or distraint warrant. (1) In case of neglect or refusal to pay taxes or deficiencies as hereinabove provided, the state tax commission may levy, or, by warrant issued under its own hand, authorize its agents or employees or a sheriff or deputy, to levy upon, seize and sell all property, except such as is exempt by the preceding section, belonging to such person, for the payment of the amount due or for the enforcement of any lien authorized and filed pursuant to this chapter.
(2)  Any person in possession of, or obligated with respect to, property or rights to property subject to levy upon which a levy has been made who, upon demand by the state tax commission or by a sheriff or deputy, surrenders such property or rights to property, or discharges such obligation, to the state tax commission shall be discharged from any obligation or liability to the delinquent taxpayer and any other person with respect to such property or rights to property arising from such surrender or payment.
(3)  Any person who fails or refuses to surrender any property or rights to property, subject to levy, shall be liable to the state of Idaho in a sum equal to the value of the property or rights not so surrendered, but not exceeding the amount of taxes for the collection of which such levy has been made, together with costs and interest on such sum at the rate established under section 63-3045, Idaho Code, from the date of such levy.
(4)  Any amount, other than costs, recovered under this section shall be credited against the tax liability for the collection of which such levy was made.

[63-3059, added 1959, ch. 299, sec. 59, p. 613; am. 1961, ch. 328, sec. 20, p. 622; am. 2000, ch. 149, sec. 1, p. 386.]

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