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63-3060A.  continuous execution on INDIVIDUAL earnings. Where an execution or garnishment against earnings for a state tax liability is served upon any person or upon the state of Idaho, and there is in possession of such person or the state of Idaho any such earnings of the individual debtor, the execution and the garnishment shall operate continuously and shall require such person or the state of Idaho to withhold the nonexempt portion of earnings at each succeeding earnings disbursement interval until released by the state tax commission or until the dollar amount specifically set forth on the record of assessment, identified in section 63-3045A, Idaho Code, and subject to garnishment as of the date the tax warrant is issued, is discharged or satisfied in full. The proportion of earnings subject to garnishment pursuant to this section, as compared to total gross taxable earnings, shall be limited to twenty-five percent (25%), except if the federal government is also garnishing the earnings of such person then the garnishment shall be limited to ten percent (10%). All garnishment or execution against earnings for the payments of any tax owed to the state of Idaho shall be governed by this section. For purposes of this section, earnings are gross taxable earnings from sources identified in section 11-206(1), Idaho Code.
[63-3060A, added 2013, ch. 244, sec. 1, p. 590.]

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