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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


63-3065.  Jeopardy assessments. (a) If the tax commission finds that a taxpayer is about to depart from the state of Idaho or to remove his property therefrom, or to conceal himself or his property therein, or to do any other act tending to prejudice or to render wholly or partially ineffectual proceedings to collect the tax for the taxable year then last past or the taxable year then current unless such proceedings be brought without delay, the tax commission shall declare the taxable period for such taxpayer immediately terminated and shall cause notice of such findings and declaration to be given the taxpayer, together with a demand for immediate payment of the tax for the taxable period so declared terminated and of the tax for the preceding taxable year or so much of said taxes as is unpaid, whether or not the time otherwise allowed by law for filing returns and paying the tax has expired; and such taxes shall thereupon become immediately due and payable. The provisions of section 63-4003(1)(a), Idaho Code, shall not apply to a notice under this section and communications related thereto. In any proceedings in court brought to enforce payment of taxes made due and payable by virtue of the provisions of this section the finding of the tax commission, made as herein provided, whether made after notice to the taxpayer or not, shall be for all purposes prima facie evidence of the taxpayer’s design.
(b)  Collection procedures may be instituted immediately; however, any taxpayer deeming himself aggrieved by any act of the tax commission pursuant to the provisions of this section may, within sixty-three (63) days of receipt of said notice, petition the tax commission for a redetermination or commence action for refund or redetermination upon payment of the tax together with interest and penalty or upon filing a bond in the amount of the assessment.
(c)  A taxpayer who is not in default in making any return or paying any taxes assessed under this chapter may furnish to the state of Idaho under regulations to be prescribed by the tax commission, security approved by the tax commission that he will duly make the return next thereafter required to be filed and pay the tax next thereafter required to be paid. The tax commission may approve and accept in like manner security for return and payment of taxes made due and payable by virtue of the provisions of this section.
(d)  If security is approved and accepted pursuant to the provisions of this section and such further or other security with respect to the tax or taxes covered thereby is given as the tax commission shall from time to time find necessary and require, payment of such taxes shall not be enforced by any proceedings under the provisions of this section prior to the expiration of the time otherwise allowed for paying such respective taxes.
(e)  In the case of a bona fide resident of the state of Idaho about to depart from the state of Idaho the tax commission may, at its discretion, waive any or all of the requirements placed upon the taxpayer by this section.
(f)  If a taxpayer violates or attempts to violate this section there shall, in addition to all other penalties, be added as part of the tax twenty-five percent (25%) of the total amount of the tax or deficiency in the tax.

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