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67-1201.  Duties of treasurer. It is the duty of the treasurer:
(1)  To receive and keep all moneys belonging to the state not required to be received and kept by some other person. The treasurer may:
(a)  Name additional or multiple custodians for such moneys.
(b)  Administer programs associated with receipt and keeping such moneys and enter into contracts related to such programs.
(2)  To file and keep, for not less than two (2) years, the records of the state controller delivered to him when moneys are paid into the treasury. After two (2) years, such records may be disposed of as provided in section 9-328, Idaho Code, unless a specific written request for further retention has been made to the treasurer.
(3)  To report to each person paying money into the treasury a receipt showing the amount and the date of deposit. Receipts must be numbered uniquely within each fiscal year.
(4)  To pay amounts drawn by the state controller by generally available commercial payment methods, including but not limited to warrants, electronic payment and wire transfer, out of the accounting entity upon which they are drawn. The treasurer may enter into contracts related to administration and execution of these payment methods. The treasurer may administer programs associated with commercial payment methods and enter into contracts related to such programs.
(5)  To invest idle moneys in the state treasury in permitted investments, and to pay the interest received on all such investments, unless otherwise specifically required by law, into the general fund in the state operating fund.
(6)  To keep, for as long as the treasurer deems necessary, a record of all moneys received and disbursed.
(7)  To keep, for as long as the treasurer deems necessary, separate records of the different funds.
(8)  To report to the state controller daily, the amount disbursed for payment by warrants or other commercial payment method; which report must show the date and number of such payments, the fund out of which they were paid, and to report to the state controller monthly, the balance of cash on hand in the treasury to the credit of each fund.
(9)  At the request of either house of the legislature, or any committee thereof, to give information in writing as to the condition of the treasury, or upon any subject relating to the duties of his office.
(10)  To report to the governor, upon request, the exact balance in the treasury to the credit of the state, with a summary of the receipts and payments of the treasury during the preceding fiscal year.
(11)  To authenticate with his official seal, as the treasurer deems appropriate, all writings and papers issued from his office.
(12)  To discharge such other duties as may be imposed upon him by law.

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