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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


67-1409.  Contracts for legal services. (1) The attorney general shall determine which legal services can most efficiently and effectively be provided by the attorney general’s staff and which legal services can most efficiently and effectively be provided by contract. The attorney general shall develop application forms and requests for proposals utilizing generally accepted cost containment considerations, for those attorneys desiring to perform contract legal services for the state. Based upon the responses received, the attorney general shall recommend to the state board of examiners which attorneys or firms should be authorized to represent the state. The state board of examiners shall consider the recommendations made by the attorney general and shall determine which attorneys or firms so recommended are authorized to contract to provide legal services for the state, and the type or types of legal services they are authorized to provide. In determining which attorneys shall be authorized for particular types of services, the board of examiners shall select attorneys who, in the board’s judgment can best provide quality legal services for the state entities at an acceptable cost. The determinations of the board of examiners shall not be subject to judicial review. Whenever the attorney general determines that an immediate appointment of a special deputy attorney general would be in the best interests of the state of Idaho, the attorney general may enter into an agreement with an attorney or firm to provide legal services for the state.
(2)  The performance of all contracts for legal services shall be monitored and supervised by the attorney general or his designee, and any payments pursuant to such contracts must be approved by the attorney general. This provision shall not apply to contracts for legal services entered into by those entities exempted by section 67-1406, Idaho Code.

[67-1409, added 1995, ch. 141, sec. 5, p. 603; am. 2001, ch. 61, sec. 7, p. 117.]

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