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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


67-1904.  Performance measurement. (1) Every fiscal year, as part of its budget request, each agency shall prepare an annual performance report. The report shall be comprised of two (2) parts:
(a)  Part I shall contain basic profile information for the prior four (4) fiscal years including statutory authority, fiscal year revenue and expenditure information and any informative breakdowns such as amounts from different revenue sources, types of expenditures, and data about the number and types of cases managed and/or key services provided to meet agency goals.
(b)  Part II shall contain:
(i)   Not more than ten (10) key quantifiable performance measures, which clearly capture the agency’s progress in meeting the goals of its major divisions and core functions stated in the strategic plan required in section 67-1903, Idaho Code. The goal(s) and strategies to which each measure corresponds shall also be provided. More measures may be requested by the germane committee chairs through the process set forth in subsection (7) of this section.
(ii)  Results for each measure for the prior four (4) fiscal years. In situations where past data is not available because a new measure is being used, the report shall indicate the situation.
(iii) Benchmarks or performance targets for each measure for, at a minimum, the next fiscal year, and for each year of the four (4) years of reported actual results.
(iv)  Explanations, where needed, which provide context important for understanding the measures and the results, and any other qualitative information useful for understanding agency performance.
(v)   Attestation from the agency director that the data reported has been internally assessed for accuracy, and, to the best of the director’s knowledge, is deemed to be accurate.
(2)  Each agency performance report shall be presented in a consistent format, determined by the division of financial management, which allows for easy review and understanding of the information reported.
(3)  Each agency shall review the results of the performance measures compared to benchmarks or performance targets and shall use the information for internal management purposes.
(4)  Each agency shall maintain reports and documentation that support the data reported through the performance measures. This information shall be maintained and kept readily available for each of the four (4) years covered in the most recent performance report.
(5)  The performance report shall be submitted by the agency to the division of financial management and the budget and policy analysis office of the office of legislative services by September 1 of each year. In fiscal year 2006, agencies shall submit part I of the performance report required by subsection (1)(a) of this section no later than November 1, and are exempt from submitting part II of the performance report required by subsection (1)(b) of this section. In accordance with section 67-3507, Idaho Code, agency performance reports shall be published each year as part of the executive budget document.
(6)  The office of budget and policy analysis of the office of legislative services may incorporate all or some of the information submitted under this section in its annual legislative budget book.
(7)  Each agency shall orally present the information from the performance report to its corresponding senate and house of representatives germane committees each year unless a germane committee elects to have an agency present such information every other year. The presentations shall consist of a review of agency performance information and shall provide an opportunity for dialogue between the agency and the committees about the sufficiency and usefulness of the types of information reported. Following any discussion about the information reported, the germane committees, in accordance with the requirements of this section, may request any changes to be made to the types of information reported. In fiscal year 2006, each agency shall be required only to present part I of the performance report required in subsection (1)(a) of this section and, at a minimum, a progress report on the implementation of part II of the performance report as set forth in subsection (1)(b) of this section.
(8)  If an agency and its corresponding germane committees determine that it is not feasible to develop a quantifiable measure for a particular goal or strategy, the germane committees may request an alternative form of measurement.
(9)  The senate and the house of representatives germane committees should attempt to meet jointly to hear and discuss an agency’s performance report and achieve consensus regarding the types of measures to be reported.
(10)  Any performance report or document required by this section shall be produced electronically and transmitted to the division of financial management and the legislative services office electronically. Additionally, the agency shall have the performance report or document required by this section available on its website so that the public may access it. Each agency, department and commission shall seek to minimize the number of printed copies of strategic plans and annual reports by using electronic versions whenever possible, and by printing only a limited number sufficient for internal needs or anticipated requests for copies for which electronic versions are otherwise inadequate.

[67-1904, added 2005, ch. 339, sec. 5, p. 1059; am. 2012, ch. 205, sec. 2, p. 546.]

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