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67-4310.  Box Canyon — Appropriation of waters in trust for people — Lands devoted to natural scientific study and limited recreational use — Legislative finding of fact concerning desirability of public use of water and private land within upper Box Canyon — Legislative direction for cooperation by state agencies to facilitate negotiations. The park and recreation board is hereby authorized and directed to appropriate in trust for the people of the state of Idaho the unappropriated natural spring flow arising upon the area described as follows, to-wit:
Only that portion of the stream which is known as Box Canyon Creek, situated in the northwest quarter (NW 1/4) of section 27, township 8 south, range 14 east of the Boise Meridian; and
The east half (E 1/2) of the northeast quarter (NE 1/4), in section 28, township 8 south, range 14 east of the Boise Meridian.
The preservation of water in the area described for its scenic beauty, natural scientific study value, and limited recreational purposes necessary and desirable for all citizens of the state of Idaho is hereby declared to be a beneficial use of such water.
No fee shall be required in connection with said appropriation by the park and recreation board or the permit issued in connection therewith, but license shall issue at any time upon proof of beneficial use to which said waters are now dedicated.
The park and recreation board, or its successor, shall be deemed to be the holder of such permit, in trust for the people of the state, and the public use of the waters in the specific area herein described is declared to be of greater priority than any other use except that of domestic consumption.
It is a legislative finding of fact that the waters arising upon the above described tract within the natural channel of Box Canyon Creek and the private lands within the confines of the canyon walls are desirable for public use in connection with the preservation of the area in its present condition as a place for natural scientific studies and limited recreation for the citizens of the state of Idaho.
The state board of land commissioners is hereby authorized to adjust the boundary established by the provisions of this section by excluding from the operation of this section those lands and waters lying downstream from a point one hundred (100) feet downstream from the crest of the falls in the west half (W 1/2) of the northwest quarter (NW 1/4) of section 27, township 8 south, range 14 east, Boise Meridian, provided they are successful in negotiating with the present landowner, or his successors, those restrictive covenants deemed necessary by the board to promote the public interest for the canyon lands as well as for the waters arising within that canyon, all as declared by this section, and the state board of land commissioners is authorized to expedite the negotiations with the landowner so far as is consistent with the public interest. In order to facilitate these negotiations, all concerned state agencies, namely the department of water resources, the department of fish and game, and the department of parks and recreation are hereby instructed to cooperate with the state board of land commissioners and with the property owner as necessary to assist the orderly, factual, and amicable process of negotiation between the state board of land commissioners and the property owner.

[67-4310, added I.C., sec. 67-4310, as added by 1971, ch. 207, sec. 4, p. 912, am. 1974, ch. 8, sec. 15, p. 35; am. 1982, ch. 369, sec. 1, p. 928.]

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