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67-4616.  Change in use of historic property. (1) A historic property designated by ordinance as herein provided may be demolished, materially altered, remodeled, relocated or put to a different use only after one hundred eighty (180) days’ written notice of the owner’s proposed action has been given to the local historic preservation commission. During this period, the commission may negotiate with the owner and with any other parties in an effort to find a means of preserving the property. During this period, or at any time prior thereto following notice of designation to the owner as provided in section 67-4615 d., Idaho Code, and where such action is reasonably necessary or appropriate for the continued preservation of the property, the commission may enter into negotiations with the owner for the acquisition by gift, purchase, or exchange of the property or any interest therein. The commission may reduce the waiting period required by this section in any case where the owner would suffer extreme hardship, unless a reduction in the required period were allowed. The commission shall have the discretionary authority to waive all or any portion of the required waiting period, provided that the alteration, remodeling, relocation or change of use is undertaken subject to conditions agreed to by the commission insuring the continued maintenance of the historical, architectural, archeological or cultural integrity and character of the property.
(2)  Nothing in this chapter shall be construed to prevent the ordinary maintenance or repair of any exterior feature in or on a historic property that does not involve a change in design, material, or outer appearance thereof, nor to prevent the construction, reconstruction, alteration, restoration, demolition or removal of any such feature when a building inspector or similar official certifies to the commission that such action is required for the public safety because of an unsafe or dangerous condition.
(3)  Nothing in this act shall authorize or be construed to allow the designation, regulation, conditioning or restriction by ordinance or other means of any property or facility owned by the state of Idaho.

[67-4616, added I.C., sec. 67-4616, as added by 1975, ch. 142, sec. 2, p. 324; am. 2001, ch. 259, sec. 6, p. 934.]

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