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67-4715.  Duties and powers of the council. (1) Consistent with the general purposes of this chapter, the council shall advise the department upon the establishment of policies to be followed in the accomplishments of the purposes of this act.
(2)  In the administration of this act, the council shall have the following duties, authorities and powers:
(a)  To review and recommend acceptance or denial of local grant requests submitted by nonprofit groups or organizations, for uses consistent with the purposes of this act. Such power shall include the right to approve disbursal of the department moneys to such nonprofit groups under the grant program created by section 67-4717, Idaho Code.
(b)  To counsel and advise the department on matters concerning the promotion and marketing of Idaho tourism, including, but not limited to the following: (1) the type of promotion, (2) the media source of promotion, (3) market areas for promotion and (4) areas for travel and industry emphasis.
(c)  To encourage and assist in the coordination of the activities of persons, firms, associations, corporations, civic groups and governmental agencies engaged in publicizing, developing and promoting the scenic attractions and tourist advantages of the state.
(d)  To recommend such action as the council deems necessary and advisable in order to stabilize and promote the travel industry of the state so as to benefit the health and welfare of the public.
(e)  To cooperate with any local, state, or national organization or agency, whether voluntary or created by the law of any state or by federal legislation, engaged in activities similar to the work of the council. The council may, through the department, enter into contracts and agreements with such organizations or agencies for carrying on a joint campaign of research, education and publicity.
(f)  To adopt, rescind, modify and amend all necessary and proper orders, resolutions and regulations for the procedure and exercise of its powers and the performance of duties.
(g)  To keep books, records and accounts of all its activities, which books, records and accounts shall be open to inspection and audit. Such books shall also be open to the public.
(h)  To report annually its activities and expenditures to the economic advisory council created by section 67-4704, Idaho Code.

[67-4715, added 1981, ch. 216, sec. 2, p. 402; am. 1985, ch. 160, sec. 15, p. 434; am. 2005, ch. 13, sec. 4, p. 40.]

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