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67-6402.  Definitions. As used in this chapter the following words and terms have the following meanings, unless a different meaning clearly appears from the context:
(a)  "Authority" means the Idaho state building authority created and established pursuant to section 67-6403, Idaho Code.
(b)  "Bonds," "notes" or "bond anticipation notes" and "other obligations" mean any bonds, notes, debentures, interim certificates or other evidences of financial indebtedness, respectively, issued by the state building authority pursuant to this chapter.
(c)  "Community college district" means any community college district organized and existing under chapter 21, title 33, Idaho Code.
(d)  "Federal government" means the United States of America, or any agency or instrumentality, corporate or otherwise of the United States of America.
(e)  "Facility" means any work or undertaking, whether new construction or rehabilitation, which is designed and financed pursuant to the provisions of this act and designed for use as an office building, laboratory, library, dining room, instructional facility, motor vehicle parking, storage or service facility or for any other use by any state body or community college district and all other real or personal properties which are necessary, convenient, or desirable appurtenances, such as but not limited to streets, sewers, utilities, parks, site preparation, landscaping, and such equipment which may be necessary to constitute a fully equipped and modern building as the authority determines to be necessary or convenient to accomplish the purposes of this act.
(f)  "Municipality" means any city, municipal corporation, or other political subdivision of this state.
(g)  "Real property" means all lands, including improvements and fixtures thereon, and property of any nature appurtenant thereto, or used in connection therewith, and every estate, interest and right, legal or equitable, therein, including terms of years and liens by way of judgment, mortgage or otherwise and the indebtedness secured by such liens.
(h)  "State" means the state of Idaho.
(i)  "State body" means any department, board, commission, or agency of the state of Idaho.

[67-6402, added 1974, ch. 111, sec. 2, p. 1263; am. 1978, ch. 239, sec. 1, p. 511; am. 2003, ch. 349, sec. 1, p. 933.]

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