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67-6404.  Declaration of policy. It is hereby declared:
(a)  the functions of government have multiplied many times since the admission of the state of Idaho into the union in 1890;
(b)  in view of the many increased functions of government, it is necessary that proper provision of office space and related facilities for the many departments, agencies and commissions of state government and its instrumentalities be provided; many such state governmental bodies are inadequately provided with the necessary office space and related facilities;
(c)  it is to the economic benefit of the citizens of the state of Idaho to provide sufficient office space and the necessary related facilities for such state governmental bodies and thus provide a more efficient and more economical operation of state government.
It is further declared that in order to provide for a fully adequate supply of governmental facilities at costs that state government can afford, the legislature finds it necessary to create and establish a state building authority for the purpose of constructing and operating such facilities to meet the needs of the state government.
It is hereby further declared to be necessary and in the public interest that such state building authority provide for predevelopment costs, temporary financing, land development expenses, construction and operation of governmental facilities for rental to state government.
It is hereby further declared that the foregoing are public purposes and uses for which public moneys may be borrowed, expended, advanced, loaned, or granted, and that such activities serve a public purpose in improving or otherwise benefiting the people of this state; that the necessity of enacting the provisions hereinafter set forth is in the public interest and is hereby so declared as a matter of express legislative determination.

[67-6404, added 1974, ch. 111, sec. 4, p. 1263.]

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