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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


67-7421.  Lottery vendor disclosures for major procurements. This section is provided to allow the commission to evaluate the competence, integrity, background, character and the nature of the true ownership and control of lottery vendors. The commission may require any person, as a part of a major procurement, to disclose at the time of submitting such bid, proposal or offer to the commission the following information:
(1)  If the vendor is a partnership or joint venture, the names and addresses of all of the general and limited partners or joint venturers; if such general and limited partners or joint venturers are themselves a partnership, joint venture, trust, association, corporation, subsidiary, or intermediary corporation, the same information required by this section shall be supplied for such entities also;
(2)  If the vendor is a trust, the names and addresses of the trustee and all persons entitled to receive income or benefit of the trust;
(3)  If the vendor is an association, the names and addresses of the members, officers and directors;
(4)  If the vendor is a corporation, the names and addresses of the officers, directors and each owner or holder, directly or indirectly, of any equity security or other evidence of ownership of any interest in such corporation; except that, in the case of owners or holders of publicly held securities of an intermediary company, holding company, or parent company that is a publicly traded corporation, only the names and addresses of those owning or holding five percent (5%) or more of such publicly held securities need be disclosed;
(5)  If the vendor intends to or does subcontract to another person or entity any integral or substantial portion of the work to be performed in supplying such materials, equipment or services, then the vendor shall supply the information required by subparagraphs in this section for all such persons or entities;
(6)  If the vendor is a corporation, the names of all the states in which the vendor is incorporated to do business, and the nature of that business;
(7)  The names of other jurisdictions in which the vendor has contracts to supply gaming materials, equipment or services and the types of gaming materials, equipment or services involved therewith;
(8)  The details of any felony conviction of a criminal offense, state or federal, of the vendor or any person whose name and address are required by the disclosure requirements of this section;
(9)  The details of any disciplinary action of a judicial nature taken by any state against the vendor or any person whose name and address are required by this section regarding any matter related to the selling, leasing, offering for sale or lease, buying, or servicing of gaming materials or equipment;
(10)  Audited financial statements for the most recent five (5) years and a statement of the gross receipts realized in the preceding year from the sale, lease or distribution of gaming materials, equipment or services. This information shall be subject to disclosure according to chapter 1, title 74, Idaho Code;
(11)  The name and address of any source of game materials, equipment or services for the vendor; and
(12)  Such other information, accompanied by such documents, as the commission, by rule, regulation or contract procurement documents, may require as being necessary or appropriate in the public interest to accomplish the purposes of this section.
A major procurement contractor shall report immediately any changes in the information required in this section.

[67-7421, added 1988, ch. 232, sec. 2, p. 454; am. 1989, ch. 352, sec. 10, p. 887; am. 1990, ch. 213, sec. 99, p. 558; am. 2015, ch. 141, sec. 184, p. 526.]

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